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It’s Important to Stay Positive During Your Job Search

You’ve followed every bit of career advice but still no luck with your job hunt? The answer could be positive thinking….here are some tips that might help!

positiveThere is plenty of good advice around: most people have picked up tips on how to write a good CV and how to network, and they’re throwing everything they’ve got at their job search. Despite this, many people still do not see results. So what can you do? What’s the missing ingredient that might get you ahead of the game?

The answer may lie in you. Any good salesperson will tell you that people buy from people they like. Similarly, employers give jobs to people they like. Of course, you have to have the skills and experience as well, but when two or more candidates rank equally, the job is more likely to go to the person who formed the best relationship with the potential employer.

To make a good impression, you need to be positive and engaging, which can be hard when you’re weighed down by the burden of unemployment. Being positive is a vital pre-condition for your job search: if you feel negative or unenthusiastic, it could come across when you meet people, and they won’t buy you.

We all need different stimuli to help boost morale. For some, a few days break from the grind of job searching will do the trick. Others will find that a good workout in the gym, or regular sport, helps to re-energise and motivate them. Some people will find their positivity through spiritual means, or with the help of friends or colleagues. Or maybe a professional or career coach will help to keep you motivated and on track.

To help stay positive, remember your achievements. You should have a bank of achievements that you keep for your CV anyway, so that every time you apply for a job you can include those which are most relevant. These demonstrate what you do when you are performing at your best and could come from any area of your life: work, family or social. Reviewing this list can help you recall the mood of success.

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