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Camaraderie in the Workplace Branches Out

We have a lot of enthusiasm over here in the main offices of Two Roads. Most of us are involved in outside charity organizations and events, and many of us participate in fundraisers and athletic events. From simple workouts to cycling, running, 5k’s, all the way up to Ironman events (VP Barry Vince put those under his belt over the last two years).

Most staff members have worked here for well over 5 years, some ten, which is unusual in the staffing industry. For this writer, it’s been the most enthusiastic staff I’ve ever worked for with an excellent sense of camaraderie. That’s why it was so easy for practically all of us to support Jaime Brogdon, our Corporate Administrator, over the last few years as she has participated in various Train 4 Autism events in honor of her son, Seth.

A lot of us here have been inspired, one way or the other, by Jaime, who started getting involved with races in 2005 with a dual-a-thon (half mile swim and 5k) shortly after she had her third son. Since then, she has participated in several triathlons, half marathons, full marathons, a century ride, and this last year has accomplished a half ironman. She has taught lunch time palates and weight strengthening classes at our local gym down the street since 2003. Most of the women recruiters have attended that class Monday through Thursday for years. And yes, as you might suspect by now, this blog post will feature her a bit.

We wanted to draw attention not only to the power of camaraderie in the workplace, but taking it to other aspects of our lives. Jaime just finished the Los Angeles Triathlon this past weekend as a member of the three person relay team for Train 4 Autism. An organization she has grown close with over similarities in their families.

Jaime, like most of the Two Roads team, has a healthy competitive side. However, she and her race team mates experienced a dose of camaraderie that was unexpected. The weather conditions called for large waves at the beach. Some ran 6’ high with some pretty strong currents. Jaime and T4A Co-Founder Ben Fesagaiga stepped up to the plate to bring that sense of “the greater good” to all of the foundation’s participants when they began helping fellow swimmers get through some pretty challenging and sometimes emotionally draining waves. In some cases, lifeguards were swimming out to assist competitors back to the shore. After the horn went off for the next wave, however, there were three competitors representing T4A from three separate teams all linked up together to help each other get to the other side of the wave battle. Now that is the spirit of camaraderie.

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

~ John Wooden

Jaime’s team came in second out five relay teams for the foundation. Her team was a true contender for first place. It doesn’t surprise us here at the office that the same spirit of teamwork we experience here was extended at the LA Tri last weekend. When asked about it Jaime said, “We all spoke about the family bond we have and that even though we are racing, there is nothing more important then helping out a friend. My team had no regrets. The day was about having fun and supporting a cause that has effected all our families and that is what we did!”

You can visit Train 4 Autism’s site at