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The Biggest Tech Hits And Misses Of 2010

Mike Isaac |

Apple had a big winner (iPad) and a big loser (Ping).

SAN FRANCISCO — For tech watchers, it goes without saying that iPad and Android smartphones were among the biggest winners in tech this year. But with every major product success comes at least as many failures. Here’s a look at some of the biggest tech hits and misses of 2010, by category.

Marketshare of phones based on Google‘s Android OS rose to 23.5% in October from 2.8% a year ago. This compares with a 35.8% marketshare for RIM‘s BlackBerrys and 24.6% share for iPhones. Earlier this month, Gartner named Samsung the top Android phone maker in the U.S., stealing the crown from Motorola. Samsung’s Galaxy S phone debuted earlier this year; more than 5 million have sold so far. Indeed, Samsung’s S is a sleeper hit that can’t be ignored. And keep an eye out on holiday sales of Samsung’s just-released Nexus S, which has received a lot of positive reviews.

Microsoft‘s KIN was supposed to be the feature phone solution for the teen and twentysomething demographic that didn’t want to go the smartphone route. KIN debuted last spring, but the Redmond, Wash., software giant pulled the plug on it soon after amid rumors of weak sales. The phone’s marketing drew snickers for trying too hard to be hip.

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