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Best Careers 2011: Technology Jobs

Next to healthcare, there’s no industry with greater opportunity than technology | Alexis Grant | Dec 6, 2010

There’s an “app” for everything these days, as technology plays an increasingly important role in consumers’ daily lives. Computer software engineers make much of it possible, while computer systems analysts and support specialists—the latter is a new addition to our list this year—get companies on the road to technological efficiency.

Information technology intersects plenty with environmental and medical science in today’s growth careers. Biomedical engineers apply the science of engineering to the problems of the human body and medical care. Meteorologists and hydrologists use increasingly sophisticated technology to monitor the earth—whether its water or its weather.

Our picks in the technology and science category this year:

Biomedical engineer

Civil engineer

Computer software engineer

Computer support specialist

Computer systems analyst

Environmental engineering technician

Environmental science technician



Network architect

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