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How Staffing Agencies Can Help Find Employment If Displaced or In Transition

Life isn’t always simple. It can be the situation that you need to find a job, but you’re currently displaced or in transition. Maybe there’s been a family emergency that you needed to attend to. Maybe you’ve just returned home after a long time away. Either way, it can be difficult to find a job when other elements of your life are changing. Staffing agencies can help.

The Challenges of Finding Work During a Transition

Many of us find work through referrals. Even if we’re accustomed to finding jobs the old-fashioned way, having an established reputation within an area helps. When you’re in a transition, employers can be hesitant to hire you because they aren’t sure you’re going to stay there. If your references are all out of state, they may be more cautious about hiring you. And if you don’t have an established address within the area, it can be even more difficult. Even worse, a transitional period is often when you need the stability of a job the most.2 business men shaking hands

But there’s a way that you can subvert most of these challenges — and that’s through a staffing agency. There’s a reason why many people start with staffing agencies once they move into a new area, and that is the agencies already have close working relationships with employers.

Get an Introduction to the Best Jobs

Staffing agencies are able to subvert this by prequalifying you to employers. At a staffing agency, you’ll already be tested for basic proficiencies and have gone through an interview process; you’ll be able to be assigned work that meets your skills and your interests. Employers already have good relationships with staffing agencies and they know the staffing agency won’t send them an employee who isn’t active, available, and interested. Moreover, staffing agencies can help you get a temporary position that can be pivoted into a permanent position later on.

Find a Job You Can Grow Into

Getting a job isn’t just about “getting a job.” Staffing agencies want to ensure a good fit. At a staffing agency, they know about the best possible positions, they know company reputations, and they know what the wages will be. They’ll be able to give you “inside” information even if you’ve never been in the area before — and that means that you don’t run the risk of falling into a job that’s too stressful, too demanding, or too low paid.

With a staffing agency, you already have your foot in the door. Though you may currently be displaced or in transition, you’ll gain immediate access to some of the best jobs in the area. And you’ll be able to get advice on which jobs are going to be best for you. Want to learn more? Contact us today to get started!