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10 Secret Tips to Hiring the Right Employee In the Tech Industry

Hiring in the tech industry can be a minefield. So much goes into training tech employees, and they can decide to leave at any time. How can you make sure that you get and retain the best? Here are ten top secret tips from a hiring manager.

1. Don’t be too restrictive with your initial job description.

Do you really need all the requirements you listed? Or are you confusing nice-to-haves with must-haves?

2. Ask employees where they really see themselves in the future.

If a candidate is going to leave shortly, you need to know. If they’re studying a non-IT field or if they’ve moved around a lot in their career in the past, it merits additional discussion.  10 Secret Tips to Hiring the Right Employee In the Technology Industry

3. Forget about technologies and focus on learning.

An employee who learns fast is often more valuable than one who knows a specific technology, especially since technology changes so quickly.

4. Be upfront and honest about the company’s challenges.

Tell employees if the company demands a lot from them; they’re going to find out eventually. You want employees who understand the situation they’re walking into.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for a few opinions.

Sometimes it’s better to interview people as a group. There may be things you don’t notice about a candidate or just don’t think about.

6. Look for a cultural fit as well as a technology fit.

A cultural fit is often what will lead to an employee staying. Look for people who believe in the company’s core message and exemplify its values.

7. Be fair when considering compensation.

If you aren’t offering the right compensation, your employees will eventually go somewhere else. You don’t need to offer a huge amount of cash, but consider flexible compensation options instead.

8. Make sure to call their references.

A surprising number of hiring managers don’t call references. Instead, they just take it on faith. Take the time to call previous employers and references to verify information.

9. Look them up on social media.

A person’s LinkedIn account can tell you a great deal about their work history. You may find out more about who the person is and whether or not that person would be a good fit for your company’s culture through their social media posts than through their resume.

10. Consider using a staffing agency.

A staffing agency shouldn’t be avoided. Staffing agencies have in-depth knowledge about your job market and can help you find the employees most likely to stay with you.

Follow those tips, and you’ll be on the way to hiring correctly. An employment agency can help. The more often you need to hire, the more your company loses resources to training. The goal should be to retain the right employees as much as possible.

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