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Labradors, Magnum PI + Lots of Hard Work!!

In our never ending effort to achieve the hard work + fun balance, we decided to spruce up the place.  The recruiting world can be stressful sometimes and distractions are necessary.  We recently added a Meditation Room to quiet things down a bit.   Our crew also is motivated in many different ways – so we added colorful exercise balls, stand up work desks, a new media room (Mother Theresa) as well as many fun posters to keep the mood light.

Recruiting top level talent across the country demands focus and our team works works around the clock.  We also manage to have some fun while doing it.

Here is a glimpse inside the doors of 2Roads……..

Rey figuring out how to dismantle balls!

We get away from work for a bit…

Roby looking out the window or at Magnum PI??


Incense, candles, bean bags and quiet!!   – A glimpse inside our Meditation Room.
Doug loves the Steelers!
Gotta breathe!


Farah and Steve Austin power our sales team!   We move fast and work efficiently.


Hope you enjoy – have a awesome day!!