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Three Simple Job Search Tips to Put Into Practice

3If only job hunting could still be as simple as seeing a job posting in the classifieds, applying for the position, and starting your new employment endeavor. Job search today is more sophisticated , trickier, and highly competitive. You have to be imaginative, savvy and smart to be successful. Just responding to advertisements in the classifieds probably won’t land you your dream job .Follow these three simple tips to help you land your next dream job.

1. Don’t Rely on Just Classified Ads
Who is not to say that you can’t find a job from the classifieds ? These days classifieds include not only local newspaper ads, but also online classified ads (found at places such as and entries listed on large, online job search engines (such as but it’s not the only place you should be searching. If your job search were equivalent to an Internet connection, a classifieds only search would be similar to using a dial-up modem; it might help you get where you want to go, but it won’t do so as effectively or quickly as a high-speed connection.

2. Update and Customize Your Resume
If you aren’t getting results with your current resume consider revising it. When updating and customizing your resume,make sure your descriptions are concise and detailed, focus on just the most relevant, significant and recent information, remove any personal pronouns, and proofread your resume for any typos and/or grammatical errors. Once your resume is updated, customize it for each new potential position you apply for.

3. Network
When job searching, who you know, and who you get to know, are often times just as important as what you know. When you start looking for a job, contact friends and trusted professionals in your field to let them know you’re on the hunt. Consider giving them your personal business cards or a copy of your résumé in case they run into someone who’s searching for a candidate like you. Also ask them to serve as professional references or to let you know if the companies they work for are hiring.

So, unless you want to make job searching your new full-time job, follow these search tips to improve your hunt and land a great new gig in no time.