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Kick Bad Habits

2roads-blogs-3What we’re surrounded with every day directly affects our behavior. We create our environment and then it shapes us. Below are some tips on how to create your ideal environment to reflect the goals you want to achieve and how to kick bad habits that will hinder those goals.

You can literally change your “design” by changing your habits. If you want to be more productive, organize your to-do lists and planner. Creating lengthy lists can be counterproductive.

If you have a problem sleeping, put away your phone at night, take out any TV’s from your bedroom, or anything that omits light. Try leaving a book next to your bed instead.

If you struggle with over eating, use smaller plates to eat less. Maybe you work all day without eating, then come home, binge and pass out. Make time to prep meals so you can develop better eating habits.

There are just a few minor adjustments that you can put into practice today. Build the world around you so that your environment nurtures your goals and helps you kick back habits.