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How To Kick-Off Your Career Change

2Roads-blogs (19)Switching careers can be very overwhelming and exciting at the same time. You may do a career switch a few times or many times, working for startups or large agencies. Maybe you’ll even decide to start your own company.

No matter what path you follow, always come up with a plan and get to know the tools and resources around you. These tools can help you when you’re finally ready to make the leap. Here are some ways to kick-off your career change.

Follow The People You Admire

Surely there are people within your field of work that you look up to. Find them and follow them on their social media platforms. Sign up to their newsletter if they have one. Attend one of their talks if they’re local, or find some of their talks online. You can even check to see if they blogs or books that you can refer to. These industry experts will offer their advice and ego boosters as you’re making your career switch.

Check Out Online Classes

There are so many great courses online that are free or cost little to nothing. Brush up on your area of expertise by signing up for courses that specialize in what you want to improve in, or that provide you with information needed for your next job. Always stay open to learning new things.

Get Career Advice

Talk with a career coach may help you overcome any mental barriers you’re having during this transitional period. Will the help of a coach, you’ll be forced to compile all the skills you’ve honed throughout the different jobs. That’s a lot! You’ll find that by listing these skills, you’re assuringly qualified for more jobs than you though.

Make your career change well worth it. Find what you’re truly passionate about and set a goal. Heck, it’ll surely scare you, so let it!