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Reasons You Should Publish on LinkedIn

2Roads-blogs (3)LinkedIn is continuously making changes to its platform, making it easier for you to see who’s in your network and to keep track of industry trends and insights. These connections make LinkedIn a very powerful tool for job seekers.
It’s publishing platform is now open to everyone, and if you don’t have a website or blog yet, LinkedIn is the perfect jump starter for you.

Here are some reasons why you should be posting to LinkedIn:

Get Featured on LinkedIn Pulse

With so many users, your content could become noticed. Link your posts to other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google +, and Twitter. Posting to LinkedIn may help you reach a wider audience. If your connections like or comment your posts, their connections will see them, and so on.

You Already Have an Audience
Getting together a following is the hardest part about blogging but LinkedIn’s tools have already formed your connections for you. All of your posts and shares will land on your connection’s news feeds and
The hardest part about blogging and becoming a thought leader is getting together a following. LinkedIn has already done that for you in the form of your connections. Like an update, any posts you write get onto your connection’s news feeds and, if they like or comment, they’ll get sent out to their connections, and so on.

Your Portfolio is on Your Profile
Once you’ve established your following, your experience, skills, and professional insights are readily available on the front of your LinkedIn profile. Your searchable posts link directly to your profile, making LinkedIn a great and simple way to become more visible.

LinkedIn’s innovative platform makes putting your insights out there much easier, while creating a personal brand, and establishing a following.