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Career-Boosting Resolutions

2Roads-blogs (15)For the new year, focus on a few totally attainable resolutions that are work-related. Your best chances for keeping this promise to yourself depend on your having the capability, the opportunity, and the motivation to see it through. Here are a few career-boosting resolutions that are easily attainable.

Have One Experience That Stretches You

If you’re hoping to move up in your career, look for an experience this year that will help you do just that. Even if that’s not the end result of you trying your hand at something outside your career comfort zone, it’s likely to introduce you to new people, offer you a memorable learning experience, and lead you to self-discovery. You never know where this stretch could lead you or what career-path door it might open.

Learn One Tech Skill

Pick one tech skill you’d like to learn, and find out how to do it. As one of the biggest in-demand skills today, learning the basics can hardly do harm. There are many beginning and intermediate classes available online.

Read Books That’ll Push Your Career Forward

Reading is a hobby that we may not make time for in our busy schedules. Challenge yourself to read three books this year. Choose books that will make you think, that’ll inspire you on whatever path you’re on. Pick up books that’ll help you advance, and not just give you an escape.

Choose a good resolution that will have a positive and generative impact on your life, your career and your frame of mind.