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6 People Within Your Company That You Should Get To Know

2Roads-blogs (7)Networking and building relationships is so critical in most careers and what’s even more important is measuring the impact these relationships have on your success. Take a look at your contact list and assemble a diverse group of talent. Find out who is essential and remember that quality, not quantity, matters. Here is a list of important kinds of people you should know.

The Finance Expert

Having a financially savvy friend can have a positive impact on your own finances. If your friends tend to throw their money away, it makes it a little more tempting for you to do the same. A friend who is clear about his or her financial goals and consistently pursues them can inspire you pay more attention to our own financial well-being.

The Connector
These days, it’s all about relationships. Connectors thrive on socializing and making introductions in your network. For each connection you have, you also connect to their connections, and so on, without having to do it all at one time. These relationships become great sources when you need information or when you’re job searching.

The Mentor
A good mentor will acknowledge you for your accomplishments while also calling you forward and not allowing you to settle. Choose a mentor who has inspired your career direction and who lives a life that you respect and want to model.

The Leader
For those tough career questions, look to your former bosses or other leaders in your industry who you’ve met and exchanged business cards with at events. Leaders are the people who you look up to purely from a professional point of view. Being around successful people rubs off, for goals are reached in the mind first.

The Frenemy
Frenemies are good because they push you to be your best. Competition forces you to rise to the occasion and go after what we want in our career. When we look at others, and what they have, it motivates us to go after what we want. It also gives us confidence that we can reach our career goals because people we know have already done it.

The Innovator
You want to maintain that relationship with the person who is always on the cutting-edge of your industry’s innovations. These people in your circle will tackle new challenges which will inspire you to try new things as well.