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Spring Clean Your Job Search

spring-cleaning-job-searchTake time to spring clean your job search. Re-assessing and revamping your search will help you stay focused and organized without burning yourself out. Start by asking yourself if you have been diligent with your job search in terms of;Are you attending networking events? Are you networking on social media? Have you scheduled any informational interviews? How many interviews and phone screens have you had? If you answered yes to these questions but are unsatisfied with the results, here are three basic tips to get you reorganized and rejuvenated for Spring job searching!

1. Take a class or volunteer
Job searching relies on your ability to get out there so don’t forget to network, network, network! Sign up on sites like Meetup or Dabble and take a pottery or a public speaking class. Not only are these activities great for networking, they’re also great additions to your resume.

2. Reassess your resume
How many interviews have you received with your current resume? If your answer is “none” or “not many,” invest time in redoing your resume.There are plenty of free sites designed to help resume writing.

3. Include a daily or weekly break
If you don’t already, insert some breaks into your job search routine. Grab a friend for coffee or go on a buddy run. Doing so will help keep your relationships strong while interrupting what can sometimes be a monotonous routine. Recent studies show friends are most likely to help in regards to securing employment.

Spring is a time for blooming, new adventures, and new opportunities. Take these simple tips and apply them immediately to your job search for a new, and effective approach to securing the job you desire!