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5 Easy Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

resume-stand-outIn order to get ahead in the job market, you need your resume to stand out and accurately represent you. There are simple, and easy things to do to help your resume stand apart from all of the others.

Here are five easy tips:

1. Use a simple design.

Keep your resume design simple, and easy to look at. Resumes with large paragraphs difficult to find relevant information, unprofessional fonts, and small fonts are frustrating to hiring managers having to sort through lots of resumes for interested applicants. Keep your resume design simple and pleasing to the eye. Make sure your resume has lots of white space, and break up any large content filled paragraphs into bullet points.

2. Include keywords.

Much of your job search will be conducted online, and your resume is likely to be uploaded to a potential employer’s’ website, and other job sites. Pay attention to the specific job you are applying for in the job advertisement. Include the keywords and the title of the position they are advertising for several times throughout your resume. Including these keywords and key phrases increases your chances of being found by an employer or recruiter searching for what you are offering!

3. Power words.

Power words are words that strongly demonstrate your abilities. These words help to spruce up your resume, and leave a lasting imprint on the reader. Words such as proactive, informed, motivated, launched, influenced,shaped, supervised, streamlined, and developed are just several examples of power words. Working such words into your bullet points also help give your resume some emphasis, appeal,and distinction.

4. Keep it relevant to the position you are seeking.

List your education, including certifications, workshops, and extra training in your field. Also list any technical skills, extra languages and anything that makes you especially useful. Leave out hobbies. Short, sweet, concise and targeted is the best way to go.

5. Just list the years.

You don’t need to use months and years on your resume, just the years.This will be especially helpful if you’ve held irrelevant jobs for less than a year because you don’t have to mention them on your resume.