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Honesty and Organization is “Key” in Your Job Search

Two Roads Professional Resources Technical Recruiter Crystal Romero shares some advice on the importance of communication and organization during your job search. When working with recruiters, it’s important to be as direct and honest as possible to avoid embarrassing situations both with the client company and your recruiter. One example is keeping track of where you are submitting your resume. Often times, if a resume is double submitted, even by mistake, to a company, it discredits your opportunity for an interview. Here is some candid advice Crystal has to offer her candidates:

When working with a recruiter the most important thing you can do is be honest. We know you have other things going on, and being honest about your recent interviews will help us gage where you are in your job search. It’s also a good idea to keep track of where your resume is going, so you’re not double submitting yourself to the same client. An easy way to complete this is to create a Word/Excel document with company/staffing name, person you are talking with, location, and rate discussed. You can easily run a search using the search function in Word, and then you will be on-top of your job search. I recommend that your resume always be in Chronological form (current, or most recent job first, education, skills, and other information are listed after your experience). Make sure to use a traditional font (Arial, Calibri, etc..), single spacing, and regular margins (1″ on all sides). Have at least two other people review your resume, because you want to make sure there are no errors. I send out a list of interview tips with every candidate that interviews, and the three I stress the most are: Dress in business attire, arrive 15 minutes early, and make sure your cell phone is off or on silent.

Crystal has been working with Two Roads since 2009 and has successfully assisted many professionals in finding their next job and step up in their career. You can contact Crystal directly at our office, or network with her on LinkedIn.