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The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers

Much like online dating sites, temporary workers can’t seem to shake being the target of unflattering stereotypes. But if you know anyone who’s ever found their true heart’s desire through (or at least gotten a few decent dinners out of) online dating, you know better than to let negative stereotypes get in the way of what for many is a great experience. Take a look at this article from

Companies are often hesitant to hire temporary workers for fear these workers will turn out to be lazy, unproductive, and unqualified or unskilled. And while these fears are oftentimes unfounded, it creates a challenge for recruiters trying to sell their clients on the benefits of hiring temporary workers.

What employers need to realize is that today’s temporary workers are actually highly qualified, skilled individuals who have a strong work ethic and take pride in their work.

Oftentimes, they’re specialists in their fields who choose temporary work because they enjoy the flexibility and autonomy of it. Because they understand that their reputations follow them where they go, they produce high quality work for their employers in efforts to build their personal brands, resumes and portfolios.

In other instances, they may be stay-at-home parents, recent retirees, college students or other qualified individuals whose current schedules or situations do not allow for a full-time position; however, that doesn’t mean they’re any less capable than turning out consistent, high quality work.

In addition to providing high quality work and diverse skills, temporary workers offer other major benefits recruiters should emphasize when talking to clients.

Money-saving benefits
Hiring temporary workers saves companies from having to throw a larger than usual amount of money at candidates before knowing their level of performance. Temporary workers do not require incentive-laden benefit packages or costly insurance coverage. Temporary workers are paid only for hours worked, so companies get exactly what they pay for without having to offer a large salary.

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