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Catch up with job search trends for 2014

Feel as though you need to get up to date with contemporary career moves? Read this two-part column spotlighting job search trends for 2014. It focuses on seven changes driven by technology and tools:

MOBILE EXPLODING. Today’s workforce, including the millennial horde, has a digital leash to smart phones and tablets. Despite the challenge of small screens to boomers’ visual acuity, a flood of apps and other improvements can help viewers decipher the teeny-tiny messages. For instance, no-frills typefaces such as Arial and Helvetica are easiest to read. Include mobile in your search or risk being left behind.

SOCIAL SOARING. Social recruitment across many industries is rising off the charts. Not only are job seekers beating digital networking drums to find new opportunities, recruiting teams are on board as well: Nearly 80 percent of recruiters report they’ve been successful in going social to find new hires. The top job-hunting grounds: Linked-In, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

BIG DATA BOOMING. “Big Data” is jargon for using computers, statistics, math and algorithms to find and analyze mountains of information. A growing number of technical-minded recruiters use the data-supported decision model with predictive analytics to identify top performers. But traditional recruiters prefer to use their intuition (gained through recruiting experience) to measure specific skills, knowledge and job fit in identifying the best candidates, pointing out that happenstance correlations can screw up big time on big data searches.

VIDEO EXCITING. Video is popping up everywhere in the way that job seekers and employers find each other, especially via live video interviewing. A single example: How-to interview guidebooks have traditionally assumed that same-room conversions are the norm and focus on WHAT to say. By contrast, a new type of interview guidebook (“The Essential Digital Handbook”) tutors job hunters in the technical mechanics for looking great on a screen close-up. Video is getting cheaper, and some industry soothsayers expect live video to widely replace phone screening interviews and long-distance meet-ups.

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