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5 New LinkedIn Tools to Help Your Job Search

LinkedIn has become a top location for networking and finding your next job. Here are some new tools you might not have known about that could increase your job search.

Many professionals choose not to participate on social networks. Indeed, more people are now opting out, sometimes publicly, from Facebook and Twitter, saying that the noise and recent commercialism are making the networks less valuable for professional use.

Depending on your job and your industry, you can argue whether people who do opt out of social networks like Facebook are hurting their careers. However, for those who want to get a new job, or get ahead in their current job, there’s really no arguing that participation on LinkedIn is a must. And that doesn’t just mean throwing up your resume and calling it a day. To make effective use of LinkedIn, especially with recent updates made to the platform, you need to do some care and feeding.

LinkedIn is generally considered to be the most business-oriented of all public social networks, although Google+ is definitely a contender. However, up until the last year or so, LinkedIn was considered, well, kind of stodgy and old-school. To the chagrin of some who appreciated that old-school bent, LinkedIn has recently made a series of updates that make the platform look and feel more like a modern social network — along the way providing more opportunities for users to brand themselves.

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