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Job Search Tips for the End of the Year

No one is looking to hire, they rationalize. Besides, who wants to think about changing job during such a fun and family season?

This could be a serious mistake. You could be missing out on one of the most productive job search times of the year. There are several reasons why you should take advantage of the season.

1. Most companies are making year-end hiring decisions based on retirements or transfers.

2. Manpower needs based on company growth are reviewed as budgets are being prepared.

3. Actual job descriptions have not yet been announced. But managers are very aware of what their hiring requirement s will be.

4. As a result, competition for job is minimal or non-existent.

In fact, your ability to intervene in the traditional hiring process in advance of job opening announcements gives you a serious leg up.

The best way is to get yourself in front of a decision-maker without requiring him/her to think of you as a job candidate. This gives you an opportunity to explore corporate manpower needs and expectations without forcing a premature hiring decision.

Activating your personal contacts is the best way to identify managers who could be in a position to develop an interest in you. Get your family, friends and acquaintances to help you identify decision-makers from among their contacts. Then ask them to personally introduce you.

Keep the meetings with these hiring managers very casual and informal. For example, get together for breakfast or lunch . . . on the weekend or in the evening. Your purpose is to introduce yourself and inquire about growth plans of the company.

At the same time you convey information about yourself . . . but without asking for a job or implying that your job hunting.

Taking advantage of the congeniality of the season allows you to conduct these meetings comfortable and informally. They can lead to unexpected job opportunities!

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