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Top Lies used on Resumes

It’s been said, “the truth always comes out”.  Think twice before embellishing your resume.  Period.  Here is an article from the OC Register with the Top Lies used on resumes:

Oh no! You mean I wasn’t really a rocket scientist?

Scott Thompson, former head of Yahoo, lost his job this week, yet another victim of fictionalizing a college degree on his resume. But apparently that’s not as unusual as you might suspect.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas,  the international outplacement firm, lists these as the most common things that it says people fabricate (we say lie about) on their resumes:

  •   Education: Listing a degree from a school never attended; inflating their grade point average and graduate honors or citing a degree from an online, non-accredited “education” institution.
  • Job title: Making up a title or boosting an actual title by one or more levels in hopes of obtaining better salary offers
  • Compensation: Inflating current or previous salary and benefits to secure more money from prospective employer
  • Reason for leaving: Saying it was a mass downsizing when the discharge was based on performance; asked to leave, but saying you quit; or underplaying or completely hiding poor relationships with superiors
  • Accomplishments: Overstating one’s contributions to a team project or company performance; claiming to have received special recognition or exaggerating their level of participation in an important aspect of the business.

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