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Growth Reflects Positive Changes in the IT Job Market

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IT departments may be struggling to support and manage all of the consumer devices infiltrating their enterprises, but there appears to be one unexpected and positive outcome from the consumerization of IT: higher salaries for many IT professionals.

The need to develop new applications and to adapt existing programs so that customers, staff and business partners can access them on Android and iOS devices is driving demand for IT professionals with a range of skills and across a broad swathe of IT functions, from development to security. As companies struggle to find these IT professionals, salaries are going up. And up.

“Every interactive firm, every advertising firm, every major firm in America is trying to get their platforms set up to support mobile devices,” says Michael Kirven, co-founder and principal of Bluewolf, a NYC-based provider of IT staffing, consulting and managed IT services. “There’s a mad rush for skills like Android, Ruby on Rails, Facebook developers—all these skillsets that didn’t exist a handful of years ago.”

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