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Holiday Season Job Searching:

If your plan is to wait until the holidays are over to really jump start your job search, think again. The holidays are actually a great time to hunt for a new job. Here are some helpful tips, provided by, for boosting your job search.

Don’t Quit Your Job Search

Are you about to start a job search or are you in the midst of looking for a new job? Are you thinking about waiting to start or putting your job search on hold? If so, think again. Contrary to popular opinion, this is a good time of year to find a job. Employers don’t stop hiring just because it’s the holidays. In addition, the holiday season is a perfect time of year to network your way to a new job.

Why Hiring Continues

Executive Dave Harshbarger explains why hiring continues, regardless of the time of year. “For many of us, the holiday season is a time to sit back and relax, to take a break from business, to focus our attention on friends and family. For businesses, the needs that drive hiring throughout the year don’t change just because the paid holidays are bunched up on the last pages of the calendar.”

He explains that at many companies hiring and personnel activities continue at all times of year, because the needs that drive hiring – competitive pressures, growing markets, strategic initiatives – don’t take a break.

Holiday Hiring

Harshbarger adds, “Hiring during the holidays is sometimes complicated because key decision makers are absent. In the case of hiring, arguably the most important decision companies make, it is common for key individuals to interrupt their vacations (where feasible) to meet with short listed candidates. In all cases, we understand that to meet our goals in the New Year, it is critical that we stay focused on our staffing plans even as we turn our gaze homeward.”

Tips for a Holiday Job Search

As you can see, employers continue to focus on hiring, even though there is a temptation to do otherwise. The same should hold true for job seekers. It can be easier to say “I’m not going to bother, it’s a bad time of year for job hunting.” than it is to move forward with a job search. However, for those who do keep plugging away, the adiitional opportunities are worth the effort.

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