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Google shuns Oracle, joins VMware to offer Java development tools for cloud

By Carl Bagh | 10.27.10 |

Google and VMware have rolled out a host of collaborative enterprise-level Java development tools to help interoperability of applications in the cloud at the SpringOne 2GX development conference.

Google shunned Oracle‘s Enterprise Java Beans platform for building and deploying enterprise Java applications but chose VMware’s Spring Java development platform instead.

One of the primary reasons of Google siding with VMware could be Oracle‘s lawsuit against Google over the use of Java in its Android’s Dalvik virtual machine.

The collaboration aims to make creation, deployment and monitoring of enterprise applications across various devices and cloud systems efficient.

Vic Gundotra, Google vice president of developer platforms said: “By making deployments of Spring Java applications on Google App Engine using Google Web Toolkit generally available, developers can deploy Java applications in production environments of their choice while leveraging rich web front-end across multiple devices.”

The collaboration will result in the launch of three projects in the next two weeks. The projects include merging the rich application development features of Spring Roo with browser-based app development tools of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to assist developers to create enterprise apps for desktops and mobiles.

It also integrates Spring Insight, an application performance monitor with Google’s Speed Tracer, a performance analyzer with Chrome, to offer a more comprehensive tool to monitor web application performance in the cloud.