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How to End a Job Interview

by Margaret Steen, for Yahoo! HotJobs

In preparing for a job interview, you’ve probably practiced a firm (but not too firm) handshake, rehearsed answers to tough questions about your background, and polished up your lucky interview shoes. But many job hunters overlook a crucial part of the interview process: the very end.

As you finish an interview, you have one last chance to sell the interviewer on your skills–and get the information you need in order to follow up. Experts offer these tips for successfully closing an interview:

Don’t leave empty-handed. To be sure you can follow up later, don’t leave the interview without getting the names, titles, and contact information of everyone you met. This includes people you may dismiss as unimportant. “You don’t know who has pull,” says Laura DeCarlo, president of Career Directors International, a global professional association of resume writers and career coaches.

Know the next steps. You should also ask what the next steps are in the process: Will the most-promising candidates be called back for another interview? Is the company about to make a hiring decision? How soon does the hiring manager expect to move to this next step?

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