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Put Down the Pink Stickies to Improve Your Career

Instead of the ‘pink stickie’ approach to pointing out employee security violations, Career Catalyst Michael Santarcangelo suggests a more positive approach that builds on the best the day has to offer.

By Michael Santarcangelo | Fri, August 13, 2010 |

CSO — Consider the perfect workday: The morning starts by beating the alarm clock and bouncing out of bed refreshed and ready. Breakfast hit the spot and traffic was light, ensuring the morning trip to the office couldn’t have been better.

On the walk into the office, a stop by the local coffee stand yields a fresh, hot and perfect cup. With a spring in your step and excitement for the day, you walk to your desk humming a tune and primed to get your work done. You round the corner toward your desk….and then you stop.

You see pink stickies all over the place.

You count ten.

Someone came in and put ten pink stickies on the print outs on your desk, the hand-written notes next to the phone. On your chair is a bright pink “violation notice,” complete with a huge exclamation point and listing of the policies.


What is your initial reaction? And what happens to your mood?

Most of us turn to rage, frustration or other negative reaction. Regardless, a day full of excitement and energy was ruined.

So what happened?

Someone from the security team walked around after hours and tagged violations of security policies. They thought the best approach was one of “letting people know.”

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