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Eight Phrases Your Boss Doesn’t Want to Hear

Choose your words carefully and you’ll not only avoid missteps — you’ll become a more valued employee, suggests columnist Dave Willmer.

Computerworld — Maintaining a positive relationship with your manager is key to a productive, satisfying job. And the actions you take — completing your work on time, putting in extra effort when necessary, volunteering to assist with critical initiatives — can help strengthen this bond. However, in some cases, simple words can break it.’s IT Job Search Bible

Here are eight phrases that make managers cringe, with explanations about why you should avoid using them in the workplace:

1. “Just a heads-up … I won’t be able to finish the project that’s due tomorrow.” It’s important to notify your boss when a project is headed for trouble , but the time to do so is well before the situation has become critical. Sitting on a problem until just before the deadline can turn a bump in the road into a multicar pileup. Give your manager enough time to coordinate the help you need.

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