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Social Networking Your Way Out of a Job

Mark Gottschalk  May 24 2010 09:17:08 AM | The High Road

Four in ten workers criticize their workplace on social networking sites; other 60% think the first 40% are not too bright…

Mark Gottschalk
The High Road Blogmaster

On the long list of ways to stupidly sabotage your career, criticizing your employer on your Facebook page or tweeting about how much you hate your job have got to be near the top.  And yet a recent poll by in the UK claims that 40% of employees have done it.  Given that “England and America are two countries divided by a common language,” as George Bernard Shaw said, I’m going to make a logical leap and assume a similar percentage of U.S workers likely do the same dumb thing.

Nobody would claim it’s a bright idea to permanently etch into online granite reasons you should be fired, so why do so many do it?  The survey shows almost 60% of the workers confessed that they would change what they wrote if they believed their employer was reading it.  So, apparently the number one reason workers do it is because they don’t think anybody of importance in their organization will read it.  Doesn’t seem like much of a foundation to bother risking your job over, does it?

Even if you are positive your boss is internet phobic and you can post snide criticisms with impunity, such behavior can burn you even with people you trust, and bite you in the paycheck with regards to non-work related activities.

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