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Air Force writes a book on social media etiquette

A few do’s and don’ts on putting together an effective guidebook

By Sean GallagherMay 05, 2010
Defense Systems

With the Defense Department’s recent decision to open up DOD networks to social media sites, members of the military will be looking for guidance on what they can and can’t do on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

“With the directive-type memorandum opening up social networks, suddenly you have an entire world of servicemembers who will have access to all these sites,” said Paul Bove, social media strategist for the Air Force Public Affairs Agency’s Emerging Technology Division, speaking today at the Open Government Innovations 2010 conference in Washington. “And they need to have policy on what they can and can’t post on them.”

And on that point, the Air Force Public Affairs Agency is ahead of the curve: The agency published its first guidebook to using social media for airmen more than a year ago. “Guides eliminate the excuse of, ‘I didn’t know,’” said Bove.

Bove spoke at the conference about the process of putting together that guide, titled Social Media and the Air Force, now out in its second version. He also spoke about its overall success — both as a tool for airmen and in gaining recognition for the Air Force in social media circles.

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