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Facebook and StumbleUpon generate most online traffic

Facebook and StumbleUpon, followed by Twitter, are social media sites which generate the most internet traffic globally, Internet traffic monitor StatCounter reports.

Facebook is the main source of traffic to global websites, generating 48 per cent of all the social media hits put together. StumbleUpon contributes 25 per cent, followed by Twitter at 10 per cent. The data for March 2010 is based on 13 million page views across the StatCounter network of member sites.StumbleUpon, which leads the category in North America, was overtaken on the global count by Facebook in July 2009.

While noting that social media market shares fluctuate more than browser or search statistics, StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen said there is considerable business merit in having corporate social networking accounts. Other social media sites driving internet traffic are YouTube (6 per cent), reddit (4 per cent), Digg (2 per cent) and MySpace (2 per cent).

Published 27 April 2010 on the New Statesman