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Wanted: High-Tech Workforce

By Brittany R. Ballenstedt April 5, 2010
Posted on Government

NASA is in the process of creating an agencywide career Web site to help attract undergraduate and graduate students to NASA job opportunities, including those in science and technology, the agency announced Friday.

The One Stop Shopping Initiative will provide an agencywide integrated system to announce internship and fellowship opportunities, which often are located on multiple NASA Web sites. The initiative also will formalize the transition of student participants in NASA programs into the workforce, including those within NASA, the aerospace industry and academia, the agency said. The program builds on efforts to create a high-tech workforce for NASA and the nation, the agency said.

The hiring and recruitment overhaul involves cooperative agreements with five organizations, including the Ohio Aerospace Institute, the Hispanic College Fund and the United Negro College Fund, which will partner with NASA to facilitate business management and implement recruitment, retention and career development strategies to broaden the diversity of individuals who apply for NASA’s internships and fellowships. The agreements award approximately $9.7 million to the organizations during a five-year funding period, NASA said.