Strategic Talent Solutions

Technical recruiting. Employee retention. Custom solutions.

Answers To Talent Shortages

MWS combines the power of a large technology, defense and aerospace recruiting firm with the hands-on approach of a specialized boutique agency. We work closely with you to get to know your needs and challenges. We then work with you to craft a solution to your most difficult cybersecurity and software development talent acquisition challenges.

Industry Expertise

Aerospace and Defense Energy and Renewables Telecommunications Software and Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Service Options

As an energy, technology and telecommunications recruiting firm, we offer a range of strategic talent solutions designed to help your business succeed.

Contract/Project-Based Staffing

Flexible talent solutions designed to help you keep up with demand surges, meet project deadlines, and improve productivity. Adapt to market demands or scale your workforce without adding to your headcount and overhead. 


See an employee in action to evaluate their technical abilities and fit with your company culture before extending an employment offer and adding them to your team. This option virtually eliminates hiring risks.

Direct Placement Recruiting

Shorten your search by allowing MWS to narrow the candidate field for you. You choose from only the most highly qualified technical talent. Because you won’t waste time parsing resumes and interviewing unsuitable candidates, you’ll have more time to spend on other priorities.


Deploy large project teams without worrying about the details. As employer of record, MWS takes care of tax withholding, workers’ compensation, paycheck distribution and benefits for your temporary staff.


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