2021 Employment Outlook & Tips

December 22, 2020 2020 is over and it is time to move forward.  Finally we have stabilization in many industries which should help employment significantly in early 2021.   Sarah and I were invited to share our thoughts and ideas on the market on the Digital Enterprise Society Career Development web series.   Attached is a link […]

Creating a Mentorship/Mentee Program for your Business?

Barry recently joined the Digital Enterprise Society Board and is heading up their Career Development program.  Part of this vision includes helping eliminate the technology gap in the workforce.   Thom Singer from DES recently recorded a podcast with Marny Lifshen about mentorship programs. Marny is a marketing communications consultant, author and speaker, to discuss the […]

The Importance of Using a Staffing Firm for Your Next Job Search

When you’re in a competitive industry, finding a job is often about networking. Building connections is the way to get the best possible job — and it isn’t always possible to build those connections alone. A staffing firm can be one of the easiest ways to find a job that you’re well-suited to, especially in […]

Using Networking to Effectively Find a Tech Job

According to LinkedIn, 85% of all jobs are filled through networking. In fact, many employment opportunities are never even publicly posted; you need to know someone to be aware that the opportunity exists. Here’s how to use networking to your advantage. Maintain Your LinkedIn Profile and Connect With Your Colleagues You can begin networking online […]

What Is A Personal Brand And Why Do You Need One?

In today’s competitive job market, you need to think of yourself as a brand. Personal branding is the practice of people marketing oneself and their careers as brands. Personal Branding is about identifying and then communicating what makes you unique and relevant and differentiated for your target audience, so that you can reach your career and/or business […]

Women Need to Up Their Game on LinkedIn: 5 Dos For Online Networking

From SavvySugar.com Women seriously need to improve their online networking savvy. A survey by LinkedInfound that men are overall better at networking online than their female counterparts. The data was gauged by how many men versus women were using LinkedIn and how many connections men had compared to women on the professional networking website. As […]