Tips for Businesses Navigating Payroll & Hiring Strategies Post-Covid

Salaries are rising fast. How is that going to impact your business? Companies are going to need to adapt to the post-COVID world if they’re going to be able to maintain their talent. How Has the World Changed After COVID? Effectively, salaries are increasing substantially. Many employees have been out of work for some time. […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Look To A Staffing Agency For Your Next Technical Job

If you’re looking for a technical job, consider working with a staffing agency. Right now is a delicate time; many companies have cut back on hiring or are hiring very slowly. A staffing agency can help get you to work as soon as possible. 1. Work temporarily, part-time, or full-time while you find out what […]

2021 Employment Outlook & Tips

December 22, 2020 2020 is over and it is time to move forward.  Finally we have stabilization in many industries which should help employment significantly in early 2021.   Sarah and I were invited to share our thoughts and ideas on the market on the Digital Enterprise Society Career Development web series.   Attached is a link […]

How Staffing Agencies Can Help Find Employment If Displaced or In Transition

Life isn’t always simple. It can be the situation that you need to find a job, but you’re currently displaced or in transition. Maybe there’s been a family emergency that you needed to attend to. Maybe you’ve just returned home after a long time away. Either way, it can be difficult to find a job […]

Job Market Outlook for 2020

One thing is for sure, 2020 has evolved into a roller coaster ride for every industry. The COVID-19 Pandemic that hit our country in March has changed the way we look at almost every business for products, supplies, and services. It has changed the way we educate our children, travel for business and pleasure, provide […]

How Businesses Are Implementing New Recruitment Techniques

How do you recruit during a pandemic? Companies are moving away from traditional recruitment, being very careful about their hiring process, and focusing on staff retention. With many staff currently still furloughed, or working in shifts, companies need to maintain their workforce and look into the future. Here are a few ways businesses are adapting […]