Is Your Job Resume Too Long? Why the Length Matters to Interviewers

First of all: it’s not the end of the world if your resume is longer than a single page. But having a resume that’s too long can dramatically reduce your chances of interview. Apart from a few niche industries, the average resume should be no longer than 600 words. Here’s what you need to know.  How Long […]

How To Interview Like A Pro

The rules of job-hunting sound pretty simple, don’t they?  Make sure your resume is free of typos and fluff, showcase your achievements and credentials in an elegant cover letter, and wait for the interview requests to come rolling in.  If you are well-qualified for the job, you may feel pretty confident until the phone starts […]

Tempted to Lie on Your Resume? Here Are Some Better Options

In a recent article, it was reported that 1 in 3 job applicants lie on their resume. Are you one of them? Speaking as a manager, discovering false information on a resume is sufficient reason to reject a candidate outright. Before you include false information on your resume, consider the following: Employers know that life […]

Is Your Body Language Speaking Louder Than Your Words?

We tend to focus on words in job interviews and important professional meetings. Body language and nonverbal communication, however, play an essential part in our ability to achieve our goals. For maximum positive impact in these high-stakes business situations, it’s important to master these 4 areas: 1) Personal appearance. While it’s not necessary to dress […]

Beyond the Handshake: 3 Ways To Prepare for a Confident Interview

You just got the call inviting you to interview for your dream job. You know you’re one of the top candidates and that your prospective employer likes what they’ve seen of your application. Now what? Before your hands start to get clammy, here are a few tips to help quell your anxiety on the big […]

Three Tips For A Successful Phone Interview

In today’s job market, more companies are investing time in to a preliminary gauge on whether a prospect should be invited to a face-to face interview. Phone interviews are in fact a REAL interview, so here are three tips to help you be prepared. 1.Treat the phone interview the same way you would an in-person […]