2021 Employment Outlook & Tips

December 22, 2020 2020 is over and it is time to move forward.  Finally we have stabilization in many industries which should help employment significantly in early 2021.   Sarah and I were invited to share our thoughts and ideas on the market on the Digital Enterprise Society Career Development web series.   Attached is a link […]

How Businesses Are Implementing New Recruitment Techniques

How do you recruit during a pandemic? Companies are moving away from traditional recruitment, being very careful about their hiring process, and focusing on staff retention. With many staff currently still furloughed, or working in shifts, companies need to maintain their workforce and look into the future. Here are a few ways businesses are adapting […]

Current Employment Outlook & Projections

I hope this finds everybody safe and sound.  Challenging times for all, but hopefully opportunities as well. The past few weeks, I have been working with many firms across the country as well as fellow recruiting companies to gauge the employment market and make some projections.   Here are some highlights from my notes that I […]

How COVID-19 Has Changed Recruiting for The Tech Industry

While other industries may be faltering, the tech industry is bigger than ever. With more people working remotely and investing in B2B and B2C technology, tech companies are scaling up rapidly. But the world is changing, and companies need to change with it. How has COVID-19 changed the modern face of recruiting, and should those […]

How To Effectively Use Texting As Part of The Hiring Process

The vast majority of businesses are now using texting as a part of their hiring process. Texting is a lot like email: it’s a fast, informal way to connect with a candidate. Most people today prefer to get a text rather than a call. It’s unobtrusive, doesn’t put them under the gun, and lets them […]

6 Tips to Hire the Right Person for a Technology Position

Hiring for technology jobs is a challenging task. With the market as competitive as it is, and so many new technologies emerging, it can be difficult to really zero in to the employees that are going to stay for the long haul. Here are a few ways that you can tell whether a candidate is […]