Barry & Rachel Discuss Mental Wellness

  January 19, 2022 Nearly every company in the country is hiring and struggling to locate qualified workers. The Great Resignation is in full effect and more workers are leaving the workforce then entering. Salaries are rising at record levels and companies are struggling to meet their deliverables due to lack of employees. The talent […]

How To Find The Right Employees For Remote Work During COVID-19

The economy is reopening and employers are starting to hire again. But how do you find the right employees for remote work during COVID-19? Whether your office is temporarily remote or permanently shuttering its brick-and-mortar locations, finding a remote employee is different. Here’s what you need to know. Making Positions Attractive to Work-from-Home Employees First: […]

How Businesses Are Implementing New Recruitment Techniques

How do you recruit during a pandemic? Companies are moving away from traditional recruitment, being very careful about their hiring process, and focusing on staff retention. With many staff currently still furloughed, or working in shifts, companies need to maintain their workforce and look into the future. Here are a few ways businesses are adapting […]

4 Ways Employers Can Support Their Staff During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus is impacting everyone. Many employers don’t know what they should be doing to support their employees—they don’t even know what they should be doing to continue to support their own operations. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there will be a return to normalcy eventually. Between now […]

SV Appreciation

Recently, my brother Steven left 2Roads after 18 years to create his own staffing firm   As a business owner, I instinctively thought of myself and company.  Would we lose business?  Would we be competing against him and his new firm?   Should I rally our troops for battle?   As our most productive team member in […]

Protecting Your Health During the Holidays

holiday health

The holidays are upon us, and the most stressful time of the year for professionals is in full swing. Not only are we pulled in all directions by the competing demands of family, friends and business, but our health tends to suffer because of exhaustion and generally poor self-care. Remember these two guidelines to make […]