Finding Peace & Productivity On the Road


My quest for work productivity and physical improvement never ends and 2019 was very challenging & rewarding.    I believe in pushing myself to the maximum in all facets of life.  Sometimes past them and finding new boundaries.   Nothing clears my head and provides clarity to make solid decisions like a couple hours out in nature…. Read more »

Business Intelligence and Data Security Can Co-Exist


Business intelligence means collecting, analyzing, and archiving tremendously large volumes of data. Employees, vendors, clients, and more — all that information is kept within a business intelligence platform. Understandably, this represents some considerable challenges for data security. Here’s what you need to know. The Importance of Business Intelligence Business intelligence is used to refine and… Read more »

The 10 Biggest Cloud Computing Stories Of 2010

Posted Year Of The Cloud? Many agree that 2010 was the year that cloud computing went from concept to reality. As Michael Cohn, founder of Atlanta-based solution provider Cloud Sherpas told CRN earlier this year: In 2010 the conversation changed from what the cloud is to what it can do for businesses. And there was… Read more »

Salesforce ups ante against Oracle with launch


2011 launch might miff Ellison | Dean Wilson | Dec 7, 2010 Salesforce is to announce a new database hosting service today called at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, escalating its rivalry with database supplier Oracle. The database offering is described by Salesforce as “open” and will allow the use of any… Read more »

The Advent of the Cloud


Cloud Computing Journal | Jonathan Ginter | Dec 8, 2010 The Internet is going through a major transformation, shifting from the “Internet as application” to the “Internet as data provisioning system,” and from fixed to mobile platforms like smart phones and tablets. It’s nothing short of a revolution. Traditional forms of web analytics and web… Read more »

10 tips for managing storage for virtual servers and virtual desktops

Posted | Eric Siebert | Oct 2010 Server virtualization and virtual desktops can make configuring and managing storage systems a lot tougher. These 10 tips can help ease some of the stress caused by managing storage in a virtual environment. Server and desktop virtualization have provided relatively easy ways to consolidate and conserve, allowing a… Read more »

The 10 Biggest Software Stories Of 2010

Posted | Dec 6, 2010 A Wild Ride For The Software Industry It’s been a tumultuous year in the software industry. In other words, business as usual. There have been acquisitions, from Intel’s blockbuster buyout of McAfee to IBM’s acquisition of, well, just about everybody. There were Microsoft’s efforts to extend its Windows hegemony into… Read more »’s new (and free) social networking tool


Fortune Tech | Michal Lev-Ram | Dec 8, 2010 At Dreamforce, cloud-guru Marc Benioff converts’s most successful product — social collaboration tool Chatter — from paid to free. Marc Benioff wants to make enterprise software more like Facebook—social, viral and mobile. It’s all part of the CEO’s master plan to extend beyond his… Read more »

EMC To Certify Architects For Cloud, Data Center Expertise

Posted | By Joseph F. Kovar | Dec. 6, 2010 EMC on Monday unveiled two new programs to train and certify customers and solution provider partners as virtualization and cloud computing architects. The aim of the program is to help customers and solution providers, even those who do not work directly with EMC products, get… Read more »