2R supports the National Sexual Violence Resource Center

This past Saturday, as a part of our Two Roads wellness program, I attended a woman’s only self-defense workshop.  All proceeds from the workshop went to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. The workshop was not about becoming a fighter in a traditional sense; it was about waking up the fighter in you and coming […]

Employment Trends

Unemployment is low these days, and fewer workers are looking for jobs.  Good candidates are hard to find in this shrinking pool, and employers are feeling the pinch.  You know that hiring the right people is essential to your success, but how do you make it happen?  Glassdoor, the online giant of employment research, laid […]

Work/Life Balance Master – Sir Richard Branson

Happy Tuesday to all – I hope everybody enjoyed the Superbowl. Wow – what an awesome game. Tough one for Atl to lose, but Tom Brady – amazing! I had a kiddo soccer games, my third funeral in a week and got some tough ass runs in. I forgot how hard stair and sand sprints […]

Balancing Work & Life Priorities

Happy Monday to Everyone.  Today I throw down my thoughts on the very challenging subject of balancing work and life priorities.  A very tricky subject.  As a business owner and family man, I find this to be paramount to my happiness and productivity.   My mornings start out at 4.30am with a quick run, dog walk […]

Welcome to Two Roads

Hello!  My name is Barry Vince and I am taking my first crack at blogging, so please bear with me.   I plan on sharing my experiences as a Southern California family man and business owner weekly.  Today I will introduce myself and give you a little background.  In future weeks, I will focus mostly on […]

How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

Companies often conduct phone screenings or pre-interviews before inviting candidates to their offices. This applies when: Candidates will have a long commute. There are a large number of applicants. Personality is more important than experience or qualification. The job involves talking to people on the phone. If your phone interview has been set up through […]