Whether you’re switching fields or you’re reaching high for that next step up the ladder, it can be easy to think that you’re less valuable, less worthy, or unqualified for the job you want. More often than not, those thoughts are incorrect. Here are some reasons why you have so much to offer to your […]

Kick Bad Habits

What we’re surrounded with every day directly affects our behavior. We create our environment and then it shapes us. Below are some tips on how to create your ideal environment to reflect the goals you want to achieve and how to kick bad habits that will hinder those goals. You can literally change your “design” […]

Surround Yourself With Successful People

The people you surround yourself with directly affect your perspective on life, especially work. Below is a list of people you should definitely have around, for different reasons. The Critical Thinker Keep someone around that challenges you to become a better you, someone that asks the right questions. You’ll be forced to self-reflect and think […]

How To Kick-Off Your Career Change

Switching careers can be very overwhelming and exciting at the same time. You may do a career switch a few times or many times, working for startups or large agencies. Maybe you’ll even decide to start your own company. No matter what path you follow, always come up with a plan and get to know […]

Tips For Becoming A Great Communicator

As an effective communicator, you allow intuition and creative wisdom to guide you, which often leads to better listening skills and empathy. It’s a great way to develop compassion in sticky situations. Here are some tricks you can implement to become a better communicator: Be Open Be open and add new information to the conversation. […]

Maximize Your Career Growth

Changing jobs every few years is completely normal, but job hopping the second you’ve grown bored of your job is not okay.  Employers will start to believe that you’re not talking your career seriously.   There are ways to maximize your career growth while making a positive impact on the company you’re working for, regardless […]